Family IQ Review

Family IQ Review - Top Tier MLM Gone Viral? Is This Too Good To Be True?
by Marc Barrett

Now after being in the industry for over 23 years, I have worked with numerous variations of the "Standard MLM" business models and I have also watched and studied as each new compensation plan variation swept through the industry.

Let's see, Unilevel, Compression Programs, Rollups, Binary, Hybrid Binary, Coded Bonus, Matrix and so many variations of those it makes my head spin just trying to keep track of them.

"So which is the best" is probably the question asked by Multilevel marketing hopefuls seeking to achieve success in Network Advertising, and form a brand new Strategy A in today's turbulent financial marketplace.

In the final analysis, obviously they are all successful businesses no matter what comp plan they use, and have top earners whose checks will make you resentful.

The only issue is of course "when do you want to be paid?"

That of course will be the dividing line down the center of the business.

On one side are all the "Standard MLM" pay plans, no matter what variation of pay plan they might use, and on the other are the "Top Tier MLM" businesses.

The basic key difference in these models is the price point of the distributor kit a new rep buys when they enroll and how much the company pays out on the initial product package.

Top Tier multilevel marketing companies usually pay a lot more on the front end permitting a brand new associate to generate a full time income from day 1. Regular multilevel marketing comp plans usually put a lot of the earnings on the backend residual which may require a number of months or years to totally develop.

Now just when I figured I had it all worked out, an entirely new variation hits the marketplace.

Enter Family Members IQ, a brand new "Top Tier MLM" having a fairly low end start-up offer plus an ambitious residual MLM pay strategy on the backend.


Family IQ is the brain child of Mark Hobbins who founded the company in 2001.

Now Family Members IQ is rather new to the Multilevel marketing world since they only released their Multilevel marketing business system in October of 2010; however the company has really been in existence for about a decade by using an online marketing system.

Then last year, Family Members IQ decided to go with a direct to consumer business model and chose a Top Tier MLM payment strategy.

The Family IQ products are general online coaching and instructional programs designed to improve interpersonal relationships between close relatives, husband and wife, parents and children, and so on.

I have to say that when I first looked at the Family IQ product line I was not sure about its success as a Network Marketing product but after doing some marketing research, I have been pretty amazed at how strong the appeal of this product is.

So let's look at the Family Members IQ compensation plan.

The Family Members IQ sign up package is $1495.00 which is similar to what an associate might pay to participate in a "Standard MLM" if they purchased the top end product line once they signed up.

This is where the top tier part of the compensation plan kicks in because when you enroll a new member into Family IQ you receive a whopping 70% commission, earning a clean $1000 per new rep you enroll into the business.

The initial commission on the sign up bundle are really paid out every day. They are based upon the sign up cost where the new person first enrols on the Family Members IQ website and pays the business $495 to register. However they don't have active status until they complete the payment for the balance of the sign up fee of $1000 right to their upline.

That's correct, they pay you $1000 immediately.....Nice touch!

Now the Family IQ plan also has a 9 level "Unilevel" type residual pay plan that allows reps to tap into the ongoing growth of their organizations.

Now part of the appeal of this deal is the powerful Family IQ presentation done by the master distributor Rod Stinson in which he outlines the advantages of the Top Tier MLM model and then shows numerous examples of his receiving multiple Fedex envelopes every day, each containing a $1000 check.

New reps when they enroll also receive one of these recorded business presentations and a replicated website to start spreading the word.

Just what exactly does the near future hold for this Hybrid - Top Tier Multi level marketing company?

All signs indicate that Family IQ could be a distinctive example of one of the first Top Tier MLM's to actually go viral.

So should you drop every thing you're doing and jump on the Family Members IQ train?

Well that will depend on your monetary goals and how quickly you want to accomplish them. Now the big selling point of the Top Tier company model is the GPT (Get Paid Today) idea that offers you the capability of getting paid in 30 to 60 days versus twelve months or more in a Standard MLM.

Now normally in a Top Tier the back end residual is much less than you would make in Standard Multi level marketing but with Family IQ they appear to have an attractive Hybrid company model that really pays for both.

I expect we will be hearing a lot more concerning this fast moving new company.

Marc Barrett is a MLM Pro with over 23 years in the industry. Because of his background in Marketing he has served on advisory panels of various MLM companies, & authored various MLM training programs.

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